D1 / Annual Report

Print, digital or broadcast annual report/review for any publicly traded, private or non-profit organization.

D2 / Brochure / Catalogue / Book / Booklet

Single or series. Multi-page layout for a product(s), exhibition(s), service(s), publisher(s), institution(s).

D3 / Logo

Graphic or word mark for a corporation or organization.

D4 / Brand / Identity Application

Demonstrative application and usage of logo and/or corporate branding elements in static and/or dynamic formats.

D5 / Event Materials

Delivery of event branding elements in static and/or dynamic formats. Examples should demonstrate a minimum of 3 media touchpoints which can include: invitations, posters, micro-sites, social media, etc.

D6 / Public Service / Charity

Any form of print, digital or broadcast advertising or design for a non-profit or charitable organization.

D7 / Editorial / Magazine

Design layout for newspaper, magazine, newsletters, blogs, e-news, etc.

D8 / Packaging

Three dimensional delivery of branding. Any type of packaging or labels including those for food, products, music, etc.

D9 / Environmental / Exhibit / Signage or Graphics

Any extension of a brand into a physical space. Examples include temporary or permanent signage, exhibits, POP display, interior graphics, way-finding, wall graphics, etc.

D10 / Website

Primary website that is not tied to a specific campaign, contest or special promotion. Excludes entries submitted in the Micro-sites category.

D11 / Poster

Printed picture, placard or bill posted in a public place as an advertisement.

D12 / Miscellaneous

Visual design of materials/elements not listed in other categories. Excludes entries already submitted in another category.

D13 / Rejects Not Specs

Project must be work for hire. Visual design materials/elements that were rejected by a paid client. Excludes entries already submitted in another category.

D14 / From Away

Any form of paid professional design work done by designers from outside the province of Saskatchewan.


All work MUST be shown in context, as it was delivered to the client, NOT shown on its own. Work submitted to this category will be subjected to the same criteria for eligibility as the other categories.

C1 / Writing

Best execution of writing delivered through a Design or Advertising medium. Examples include ad copy, radio, television, corporate writing, etc.

C2 / Illustration

Best execution of illustration delivered through a Design or Advertising medium.

C3 / Photography

Best execution of photography delivered through a Design or Advertising medium.

C4 / Typography

Best execution of typography delivered through a Design or Advertising medium.


A1 / Broadcast

Single or series. Video advertisement broadcast through television or cinema.

A2 / Campaign

An advertising campaign featuring the combination of at least 3 different traditional or digital media.

A3 / Print Advertisement

Single or series. Print advertisement for a paid media print insertion. Examples include Daily or Weekly magazine and newspaper ads.

A4 / Outdoor

Single or series. Outdoor, large format purchased media. Examples include billboards, posters, transit shelters, digital billboards, exterior transit, murals, etc.

A5 / Web Advertisement

Single or series. Online advertisement for a paid online media insertion. Examples include banner, pop-ups, pop-unders, floating/expanding ads, trick banners, interstitial ads, social media marketing, mobile advertising, email advertising, etc.

A6 / Web Video

Single or Series. Video advertisement not broadcast on television or cinema. Examples include online and viral videos.

A7 / Microsite

Campaign-specific website directly related to a homepage. Examples include contests and special promotions. May be time limited. Excludes entries submitted in the Website category.

A8 / Non-Traditional

Any entry utilizing non-paid media. Examples include guerrilla tactics, wild postings, stunts and ambient advertising.



M1 / SPMA Best Marketing Initiative

In partnership with the Saskatchewan Professional Marketing Association
Eligibility: A wide variety of initiatives are eligible for consideration, and may include one-time activities or initiatives that take place over a period of time. Examples include newsletters, digital media campaigns, social media campaigns, digital or print advertising campaigns or other marketing activities demonstrating overall excellence or innovation in methods used.

Submission Requirements: Please include the complete costs for the initiative, including digital copies of any supporting materials designed for the initiative. Qualitative and quantitative goals should be outlined in relation to the overall institutional goals. Submissions should be no longer than two pages and include: overview, goals, target audience, budget, implementation, challenges and outcomes.