Q:What is an elevator?

A1: A thing that goes up and down.

A2: An agrarian facility complex designed to stock pile or store grain. In grain trade it also could mean a tower containing a bucket elevator or a pneumatic conveyor, which scoops up grain from a lower level and deposits it in a silo or other storage facility.

A3: A designer that does work at such a level that it raises the bar of the local industry.

A4: A bi-annual award show and speaker series that highlights design and advertising in Saskatchewan.


Q: I was told there was a marketing aspect to this as well?

A: There is! It’s new, check out our categories section for details.


Q: My submission isn’t going through, What do I do??

A: Don’t Panic! First, make sure your file names don’t contain anything weird. Second make sure you are not exceeding the file upload limits. If that still isn’t working you can use an Dropbox link for your files. If that still isn’t working, Email president.skn@gdc.net,  and we’ll figure it out.


Q: Where do I get tickets?

A: Our Picatic site!


Q: Do I need to be there to get my awards if I win?

A: No, but we would love to have you and you would miss some great speakers.


Q: Do I have to enter something into the awards to come to the show?

A: Of course not! Just buy a ticket and come hear some great speakers and see some great work!


Q: I read all the way through this and you didn’t answer my question??

A: I’m sorry, you can email me at president.skn@gdc.net and I would love to answer all your questions!! Though I can only promise good answers to questions related to the Elevators Awards or the GDC.


Q: Why am I still reading this?

A: I’m not sure.